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Welcome to my site.
The revolutionary concept of treatment of wrinkles, health and loosing weight.
In the world of unlimited financial possibilities and opportunities.
After succesfull leading a lot of teams I decided to study Leadership in Dubai Aviation College, UAE and ever since I lead teams on their way to success and dreams.
I'm coach of VIP flight attendants and teams from corporte world.
I'm engaged in cosmetology, visage and heath nutrition for so many years. I listen to needs of my clients and especially educate myself in these areas.
I have found the best for you and that is Cosmeceutics Larens and Naturaceutics Nutrivi. All pure and natural with prooved results on many satisified clients.
Start shopping and enjoy the quality and the uniqueness of our products.
Contact me for more info or help. I'm here for you.

Would you like to have flawless healthy skin, healthy and slim body?
Or you dream of financial independance, extra pocket money without big expensive initial deposit?
Or all of the above?
Than call me and let's start working on it.

+420 602 849 809

SkinCoach Monika

SkinCoach Monika


The WellU Mission 

Everything that WellU creates 
serves to improve the quality of life 

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A healthy, efficient and safe solution for slim shape

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The latest news



Peptide Beauty Drink - end of production and sale

We would like to inform you that we have finished the production and sale of the Peptide Beauty Drink. more



New: Cannavi oil by Nutrivi!

At the moment the value of the CBD market in Europe has reached approximately 450 million euros. To meet the market trends, during the Business Weekend we have announced a premiere of a new line of products with cannabinoids. It is inaugurated with the Cannavi oil by Nutrivi 5% CBD+ Oil. more



The great premiere – meet the Larens Colour makeup line

Larens Colour pressed cosmetics are like a ‘final touch’, a perfect finish to your makeup. They provide a subtle matt effect of smooth skin, they highlight the complexion, allow to define the face contour, and add a youthful blush that is so hard to resist…. more



Attention! from 1:00 PM on 23.09.2020 until 28.9.2020 the Businesspartner Service Office will not be operational

Attention! from 1:00 PM on 23.09.2020 until 28.9.2020 the Businesspartner Service Office will not be operational Dear WellU Businesspartners and Clients, we would like to inform you that due to the Business Weekend preparations, starting from 1:00 PM on 23.09.2020 until 28.9.2020 the Businesspartner Service Office will not be operational. more



From now on Lifting Face Cream available in the Intensive Line

Over a year ago our infallible Lifting Face Cream has undergone several significant changes. more



New! Meet Larens Dental toothpastes for day and night!

Larens Dental Day Toothpaste and Night Toothpaste are two premium kinds of toothpaste that complement each other in synergy. Created to address different needs of oral care during day and night and to provide a 24 hours protection. more



Dominicana 2020 – the Multicompetition Dream Holiday with WellU - meet the winners!

And here they are, the winners of the multicompetition, who, for taking one of the first 10 places in the Multicompetition ranking will receive a ticket to the Dream Holiday with WellU in the Dominican Republic. Congratulations! more



Summer premiere - Larens Enzymatic Peeling returns with the power of three enzymes!

We have taken yet another careful look at the recipe of our enzymatic peeling and we have decided to spin its exfoliating properties so that it gets its job done even better. Today we hand you the Larens Enzymatic Peeling in a new, even more effective formula more



Get UP+ in a jar, already in our store

We are pleased to inform you that the new Nutrivi Get UP+ in a 100g jar has just made it to the store. more




Our excitement has reached its peak! We would like to cordially invite you to yet another premiere meeting with WellU on 27.06.2020 (Saturday) at 10:00 AM. more



Attention! Availability of Slim Food bars

We would like to inform everyone waiting for Slim Food bars, that the Classic version will be available from 10.06, while the Lite version will appear on 17.06. more



SOS Skin Care - new packaging, new volume, new price

Your favourite family cream SOS Skin Care is about to get new, freshen looks and packaging. more


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